No. The Lightbox is very easy to set up! In fact, it takes our clients 3 minutes on average to set it up.
Yes. The Lightbox is 100% GDPR compliant.
All graphic changes are really simple thanks do our online Dashboard. Upload and even create graphics within the Hotpoint dashboard with ease!
Emails are exported through our online dashboard whenever you would like!

login-staging.hotpointapp.com is the dashboard login section. Login credentials are emailed to you when you sign up for a long term rental.

No. Unlike our competitors, we do not use standard, off the shelf products. Our screens are between 11 to 21.5 inches depending on which Lightbox you sign up for and custom built. Our software is custom and extremely reliable.

To increase engagement and data acquisition numbers, we recommend the following:

  • Location. The Lightbox needs to be in a high traffic area within your venue.
  • Promotions. Offer a giveaway to your users in exchange¬†for posting their videos on social media.
  • Branding. Create graphics that are enticing to the user such as a screensaver that has a call to action on it such as “Tap To Start.”